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Specialized in
   Back Office Activities of Multinational Banks
   Insurance Claim Processing
   Bulk Data Entry

Credit Risk Evaluation and Processing
   Document Validation, Evaluation & Securitisation of Credit      worthiness of applicants of Consumer Loans, Two Wheeler      Loan, Auto Loan Commercial Vehicle Loan, Commercial      Equipment Loan & Loan Against Property.
   Data Entry and Data Processing of Mass Consumer Loans /      Products Applications.
   Dedupe Processing

   Field Verification
   Telephonic Verification

  Conducting Credit Verification and Compilation of Documents   as per Bank policies. Checking completeness of Documents   for Loan approved by Bank. Providing MIS as per Bank's   format at EOD.

  Customer Relationship Visit - Verifying the details of the   Applicant given in application form and providing assistance   to the Bank for taking decision with regard to issuance of   Credit Card / Loan on the basis of our Report.

Transaction Processing
  We conduct transaction processing jobs for our Customers.   Our expertise are in
     Applications, transactions and payment processing
     Card members and Card merchants payment processing
     Insurance claim & commission processing

  The process at our end involves
     Scanning of input documents
     Checklist verification
     Data Entry
     Quality control check
     Transaction processing
     Query resolutions
     Post disbursement documents checking

Due Diligence Services
  We have conducted Due Diligence Audit for a number of our   Customers at the time of merger/acquisition of business by   them.
  The purpose was to verify assertions made by the seller   through a series of audit procedures and techniques like      Compatibility audit
     Financial audit
     Environmental audit
     Legal audit
     Marketing audit
     Production audit
     Management audit
     Information systems audit
     Re-conciliation audit

Manpower Placement